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To do, or not to do.



I am so excited.  I actually have things on my to do list that have to be done.  Real world stuff, I’m telling you.  You know?  Work / chores / preparation for the next study session.  Stuff that could make some sort of difference to the world outside the web – or, well.  Well, it could make a difference to my outside world.

Gosh.  Um.  Count em up: There’s like, well, 7 things in total.

(Not entirely sure how they got there.  Could’ve been black magic.  Seriously).

And 7 is a good, robust, healthy number, isn’t it?  Deadly sins aside.

I got so excited by this new-found level of importance, I decided to procrastinate on taking action.  Leave the list freshly baked and untouched.  (Ok  – since we’re sitting in that confessional of truth you keep shoving me back into – mainly so I could blog about it).

I even wrote “Blog about the to do list” on the bottom of the to do list.

But rather than tell you about the ground-breaking material on the to do list, (don’t worry peeps: it’s sure to be best-seller material as soon as I gets-around to adding “Find a publisher” on it), I thought I would let you know I have done some things that are not on the to do list.

(This doesn’t mean that I didn’t do them –  those things not on the to do list.  I did do them.  Proving a point I can do things, whether they are to do, or not to do – lists be damned).

Let’s tick ’em off – shall we?

1. Marathoned Seasons 1 & 2 of The Office (US).

A few issues reared their ugly head when undertaking this not-listed do that my feelings wish to express;

* Reliving the angst of the (at-the-time) unresolved Jim/Pam ship.  Ugh.  Was she the biggest idiot, or not?  I mean… it’s ‘Jim’.  His adorability ranks second only to that of ‘Michael Scott’ himself (post season 1).

* Having my soul destroyed with remembering how much I miss seeing Steve Carell’s face on the tele-box every week.  (Settle down, I don’t have a crush on the 40-Year-Old-Virgin’s face.  Creeps.  I have a crush on his funny).  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that Ed Helms is not funny.  He is uber-funny.  He’s just not Steve funny.

(“That’s what she said”).

* Marathoning with those guys made me want to marathon Parks & Rec.  (‘Cos, you know?  I love Amy Poehler as big as I love Steve Carell).  And that there, people, is heading into dangerous territory.  I cannot, not, not be marathoning with the tele-box all day every day.

(Fact is fact:  My feelings do not have the stamina).

2.  Made my way through the entire list of Triple J’s ‘Next Crop’ 2011 / 2012.

Probably no real cons to this one.  Good things happened to my ears and feelings.  This can’t even be accused of a counter-productive non-to-do to do.

(I can whistle while I work.  Special mentions to: Bleeding Knees Club and The Rubens).

Check the whole thing out, people.  I guarantee you will find some music to thrill your ears.

3.  Trawled some other people’s to do lists.  Incidentally, this has given inspiration to create another ‘to do’ list for my very own self.  Thankyou Write 2 be, I shall be spending the next few days in heavy research mode (read: catching big waves on the web world) to create my own 2012 Must Reads.

(Text books: be damned.  I’ll get to you when my feelings are up to it.  I am putting a keen focus on balance in 2012.  Balance on what gets put in front of my eyeballs –

I’m open to suggestions here too.  Please keep in mind though that I really can’t get oxygen to my brain when the fog of fantasy is crowding my personal space.  I huff a bit at sci-fi too).

Now.  Back to balance.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Hold on Eric Stonestreet/Modern Family… you guys up for 26 mile or so?